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Automated assembly systems are a key focus for many industries working to improve production, increase yields, and lower costs for manufacturing.  Assembly systems range from work cells with multiple semi-automated systems requiring operators to load and unload parts up to fully automated turnkey work cells require little to no operator interface including inspection and packaging.  With over 20 years of experience, Advantek Engineering Inc. has the knowledge and experience to assure the proper implementation based on the customers’ needs and budget.

Indexing Pick, Place, Ultransonic Weld, and Accept-Reject System
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The six station servo driven rotary index table above is used to manufacture DAID (Delayed Aerial Ignition Device) which utilizes ignition capsules that are injected with ethylene glycol into a sealed ball containing Potassium permanganate which reacts thermally and ignites burning through the plastic ball in a delayed reaction.   Capsules are generally injected and dropped from a helicopter at various speeds and are logged via a GPS system.  

These systems operate with high accuracy and are ideal for understory burning (fuel load reduction under tree canopies) in prescribed burning applications; thereby providing a much safer application than manual prescribed burning.   This system uses pick and place with a vibratory bowl system to place the lower hemisphere, the table then indexes under to the precision dosing system which fills the hemisphere,  the table then indexes to the second vibratory bowl system that places the top hemisphere over the lower section, the table then indexes to the Ultrasonic welder to fuse the two sides into a ball.  During weld, the energy and cap placement is monitored to determine a good part.  The table then  indexes to the Accept vacuum hose for good part removal, then finally to the Reject vacuum tube.

Carton Sorter and Stacking Pick and Place Cell

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Using a combination of multiple servo driven linear axis’s, pneumatic actuators, proximity sensors, fiber optic sensors, and vacuum grippers; a complex but economical pick, place, and stacking system can be designed for many applications.  Many factories have a process which requires an operator to perform redundant tasks which can easily be replaced by an automated system, freeing up the operator to focus on the more rewarding task of running an automated machine.    

Hydraulic Press Assembly System

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In applications where high controlled forces are needed in an assembly process, hydraulics are often a sound economical choice over a high force motor driven actuator.  Hydraulics are often integrated in a fully automated systems in a means to provide optimum safety and cleanliness.  Using Proportional and Servo Hydraulic valves, high forces can be accurately controlled with precise force to maximize yields.  When hydraulics are integrated into an automated system, it is important that your chosen integrator properly designs the system to be safe and robust, while providing a clean environment where possible leaks will not contaminate the products.