Automated Lens Alignment & UV Gluing

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Automated Multiple Lens Alignment, Glue, and UV Cure Vision Alignment System


Manufacturers requiring precise integrated optics in their products very well understand the difficultly of lens alignment in a multiple lens systems.

By the use of a closed loop Vision system and custom design servo linear actuators using absolute linear encoders, Advantek Engineering Inc. can precisely load, securely hold, align and calibrate, then apply UV curing adhesive followed by high powered UV light curing so that the system is properly aligned in assembly with data acquisition providing traceability.   Systems have also been designed that align optical elements and then install mechanical lens securing mechanisms while maintaining the alignment of the optical system.

Automated Multiple Lens Laser Alignment System

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For processes where Vision systems are not practical or capable, Laser Interferometry can be used to precisely align optical systems.  Using interferometry in closed loop with the automated control system’s servo or piezo mike actuators, a system can be aligned quicker and much more accurately that manual alignment; while providing detailed Data Acquisition for both validation and process capability. 

Applications such as clean environments are better served by a fully automated loading, gluing, and unloading system using SCARA or articulated robots.  Designed in a modular configuration, these systems can provide robot quick change tooling and product fixtures to allow for multiple products to be assembled with a single automated system.