What's New?

20 years in Business: The year 2012 marks Advantek Engineering Inc.’s 20th year in business serving the various industries in automated machinery and mechanical engineering design. Advantek Engineering Inc. started business in Massachusetts in 1992 and moved the business to Florida in 2003 purchasing a brand new facility in a prime location in Orlando, Florida. Advantek Engineering Inc. extends sincere thanks to all our customers and colleagues who have contributed to our success and is happy to report our continued cooperation with many customers that have been with us since the beginning.

Finally a New Website: Call us busy but our newly released website has been a long time coming as many of our customers well know. When you get new customer inquiries about systems you have already designed, developed, and sold but have not had the time to update on your website; it can be aggravating. Add to that…existing customers asking when are you going to update your website and you know it is an issue that must become a priority. Well now we have released our new website through a collaborative effort between Advantek Engineering Inc. and the professionals at Webcom IT Solutions. Feedback is welcome; we can take the criticism as well as the compliments and will focus on keeping the content up to date.

New Rocking Oven Systems: We have had many inquiries for an Automated Rocking Oven System for Glass Melting and are now able to offer our state of the art system with a touchscreen operator interface having Data Acquisition, Web Server, and remote offsite control. There has been a vacancy in this market until the development of our now proven design; as the other systems are not smooth, archaic in design (using pneumatics), and use rudimentary controls and interfaces. Incorporating a precision gear box with an AC servo motor, we have produced a smooth and flexible design that even allows temperature segment driven motion in four different routines. All functions are visible on a touch screen operator interface with full temperature controller access and the added safety of an over temperature disconnect to prevent accidental melt downs during the long unattended runs. This mobile system includes heavy duty locking casters allowing easy movement under a hood or to batching areas. This system is particularly useful for melting glass such as chalcogenide glass which exhibit homogeneity challenges. As with all systems designed by Advantek Engineering Inc., this system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

High Temperature Tractor Pull System: Advantek Engineering Inc. has an extensive selection of Tractor Pulling systems that utilize polymeric covered timing belts for high friction, high force, and compliance. Over the years there have been many inquiries for a High Temperature Tractor Pull System (~600°C material temperature) to be utilized in close proximity to a glass melt, draw tower oven, metal extruder, or other applications when longer distances from the production source is not feasible. Currently Advantek Engineering Inc. is developing a High Temperature Tractor Pull System to address these industries. As this is currently not a funded project, the completion for the design and development is not yet determined; so announcements will be made upon completion and the customers who have inquired about this system will be notified.

Advantek Engineering Inc. Glass Extruder receives Export Control Classification for export: On October 5, 2012 the United States Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security classified Advantek Engineering Inc.’s Glass Extruder as EAR99 using symbol NLR (No License Required). The uniqueness and exclusivity of our design necessitated an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) to assure compliance with the EAR as there was no adequately fitting category within the list for this system. Even with EAR99 NLR, export must abide by controls set forth by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) administered by the U.S. Department of State, use regulations defined by Part 744 of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Commerce Country Chart No. 1 to Part 738 of the EAR, and the Entity List No. 4 to Part 744. All prospective international customers requiring export of a system should first assure compliance with these regulations, before asking for a proposal.