Machine Vision Systems and Automated Optical Alignment

Manufacturers requiring precise measurement and alignment of features within their products, have the option of using Machine Vision, lasers, and or optical alignment to meet the required specification of the product tolerances.    

Machine Vision Systems are capable of performing pattern recognition, flaw detection, part presence check, optical gaging, process control, and robot guiding to name a few.  By the use of a closed loop Machine Vision system and custom designed servo linear actuators using absolute linear encoders, Advantek Engineering Inc. can precisely measure and align parts with accuracy and repeatability that is supported by Data Acquisition for process validation.  In a system for a Photochemical Etch Exposure machine, we utilized two high resolution vision cameras with Telecentric lens to align two separate photomasks in X, Y and Theta.  These cameras viewed separate fiducials set a fixed distance apart through both plates of glass to enact the alignment of one plate to the machine pass line and the second plate back to the first plate within a 1 micron tolerance, with custom designed servo actuators.  

The proper incorporation of Machine Vision Systems requires a thorough understanding of machine design, automation, and controls systems; therefore choosing an experienced and capable integrator is the first step to a successful project and Advantek Engineering Inc. has a proven history in Machine Vision and Automated Optical Alignment Systems.