Our Company

Advantek Engineering Inc. was founded in 1992 by mechanical design engineer Paul Modlin [President] as a specialized engineering company focusing on the design, development, and implementation of automated machinery, vision systems, technical machinery, and gauges. Advantek Engineering has designed, developed, and manufactured many conventional and proprietary computer-controlled systems for industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, government research laboratories, universities, fiber optics, medical, semiconductors, transportation, robotics, and consumer goods.

Fiber optics is a major business concentration of Advantek Engineering. We have designed and developed many systems for manufacturing optical glass, fiber, Infra Red Fiber and materials, optical core rods, and tubes. These computer-controlled systems include: Straight Draw Towers, Drum Draw Towers, Low and High Tension Pulling systems, Crucible Melt Draw Towers, Custom Ovens, Glass Melting, and Draw Tower ovens, continuous motion variable rocking ovens for glass melting, and Glass Extruders. Besides complete turnkey fiber optic manufacturing systems, we also design and build individual components such as: Tractor Pulling systems, Pinch Wheel Pulling systems, Closed Loop Laser size controllers, precision feeds, draw tower ovens, and automatic cutting systems. These components are designed to retrofit into existing outdated equipment and offer direct bolt on replacements for many common fiber optic systems.

Advantek Engineering has also collaborated in numerous industries in support of U.S. government funded research grants. In one such effort, Advantek Engineering designed, installed, and debugged a Fiber Optic Crucible Draw System in support of SBIR Contract No. N00421-97-C-1046; "Fabrication of a 10 Meter Length IR Imaging Bundle From Arsenic Trisulfide Glass Fibers". This system was designed and developed to produce 10 meter Fiber Optic Coupled Infrared Focal Plane Array imaging bundles from arsenic trisulfide glass fibers.

Other collaborative efforts include consulting and design for high efficiency turbine desalination systems, medical implantation sensors, catheter testing systems, leak testers, absorbable suture creep testers, metrology, noninvasive surgical devices, photochemical etching, defect analysis, metal injection molding, electrochemical deburring, ultrasonic welding, gradient index lens manufacturing, fiber optic couplers, optical imaging, precision optical lens alignment using lasers and vision systems, DAID [Delayed Aerial Ignition Device], and more. Advantek Engineering Inc. has also been awarded many sole source solicitation contracts as a government supplier; further solidifying our chief goal to provide unique and creative engineering solutions without compromise.

Advantek Engineering Inc. also specializes in startup manufacturing applications. With knowledge and experience in many aspects of manufacturing and product engineering; we design and develop prototype manufacturing cells to produce the specific products required by our clients. Our extensive experience saves time and money for our clients allowing focus on other important aspects of bringing a new product to market. Many companies lack knowledgeable engineering staff or do not require or cannot afford full time engineering staff. More information can be found under Engineering Services.

For manufacturing Lead Frames by photochemical etching; one system design includes an automated reel-to-reel lead frame exposure system, with a proprietary tack-roll cleaning system, a photo-mask vision alignment system, and a lead frame payoff accumulator. The accumulator is unique and incorporates ultrasonic sensors and a proprietary mylar removal system with zero load closed loop feedback dancers. These designs have greatly improved the lead frame manufacturing industry and permit fabrication of continuous payout product.