Straight Draw Towers


Advantek Engineering Inc. revolutionized the ‘Modular’ Draw Tower System by using twin precision ground rails in our design allowing any component to be moved up or down and be precisely positioned  with little effort.  Systems configurations range from a simple economical laboratory Draw Tower Systems up to turnkey system using closed loop Laser Micrometer size control, automated XY preform alignment, custom chucks and down feeds, multiple zone ovens and annealing zones, coating systems, multiple pulling systems, cutters, and winding systems. 

As experienced glass fiber producers well know, changes in product geometry or size often require a change in the draw tower setup.  The distances between the feed, oven, laser micrometer, and pull system may need to be changed to optimize the draw speed and cooling of the glass.  This feature can be very important for specialty glass manufacturers that are not making the same product around the clock. The control system for the Straight Draw Tower system includes the networked touchscreen Operator Interface including Data Acquisition, remote operation and monitoring via the Web Server, email notifications, and server synchronization as well as multiple remote operator interfaces to control the system in different locations. 

 In addition to custom turnkey draw tower systems, Advantek Engineering Inc. provides retrofits for existing draw tower systems to replace outdated and inadequate system components such as pulling systems, draw tower ovens, feed systems, chucks, cutting systems, and winders.  We also provide consulting to support process improvements and manufacturing upgrades to existing equipment.